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She also said the school is handling discipline internally.

4 in Your Corner asked about security procedures after school hours and how this incident could have occurred on school property, but it was after hours and we have not heard back yet.Also curious: the women in the videos streamed themselves casually playing video games, and they took donations. Students said it happened in the main boys bathroom on the second floor. The app allows you to record a ten second video of whatever you please, and once you choose who you want to send it to, they can only open it once and it's supposed to disappear. "It's our job to protect our children and to teach them right from wrong," Struble said. The incident report said the girl admitted to having sex with multiple male students in the bathroom, and 25 male students were identified going inside the bathroom during the timeframe the girl was inside. "I heard a video was around but I never really saw it or anything. Another student said it was recorded and sent around school on Snapchat. He said he heard some of the football team was involved, and the incident was caught on camera.A spokeswoman with the school district says no one was arrested and no one is pressing charges.