The performance gain in the past months for all 3 and the amount of fixes they have received just lets us know that there will be fewer problems for each new version of Ubuntu.

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For those who want to just install NVIDIA drivers as fast as possible : NVIDIA drivers ...

summary Top questions asked about video cards: Ubuntu 12.04+ Since 12.04+, video drivers are maintained and updated more often.

It is easier to handle and solve the problems that showed with older ones. The benefits relate to how fast the Intel video card is.

You most likely won't need additional PPAs unless you have the latest Nvidia card. In general you should not have any problems with them. It works out of the box for most cards by using their open source drivers but if you install their proprietary drivers it will much better since it will use the full capability of the video card. In the case of laptops, if you had 3 laptops to choose from, and they all were the same except for the video card, I would first go with Intel, followed by Nvidia and lastly by Ati.

I recommend them in the following order according to problems found, how the "out of the box" experience feels to end users, how compatible they are and how it will feel once you have it set up: Intel - Works out of the box. This is based on how well the laptop will perform in general, how long it will last, heat problems and more.

In the cas of Desktop PCs, I would choose Nvidia over Intel and Intel over Ati.

In general, Ubuntu will work without problems or at least with a minimum of tweaking.

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