Rebounding: One of the biggest differences between men and women starting over is that men tend to get involved too soon, while women have a tendency to take much longer.When a man gets involved right away, he misses the opportunity to heal his heart.He will bounce from relationship to relationship, usually finding women who give too much or do too much for him.

When we are holding onto the hurt and pain of our loss, we have the tendency to attract or be attracted to someone who may hurt us. The time for a man to get into a relationship is when his desire to give is greater then his need to receive.

Men tend to rush in too quickly, as we discussed in the rebound section above.

For women, it is a good idea to date around but not sleep around.

Part of your journey will be to gather strength from an awareness of the pitfalls, and be willing to risk finding love again.

Ample grieving time: Grieving the loss of love means fully feeling and then releasing all the painful emotions that come up when we reflect on our loss.

The biggest mistake we can make during the grieving process is to move on too quickly.

To release our attachment and be open to new possibilities, we need time to explore and feel the four healing emotions: anger, sadness, fear and sorrow.

It is wonderful to find love again after the loss of a loved one.

There is nothing more devastating as a broken heart; however, it is possible to become whole again and find new and lasting love.