and how much were you aware of the show before you began work on it?I came to the show pretty much normally – my agent sent through the test, I did my audition in Sydney, my tapes got sent to the production offices here in Los Angeles and within about three days they called to offer me the role, so that's how it came about.

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I can see how that makes a lot of sense, because Caesar's sort of an outside element in the show's world anyway.

In fact, the writers took some liberties by including him at all.

Yeah, the writers took some liberties there for entertainment purposes.

It's not mentioned whether Spartacus and Caesar actually did cross swords, although it's fun to speculate and imagine how that might have gone.

And while you're speculating, Caesar's not someone we normally see in this sort of subordinate position, so did you feel pressure trying to approach a more formative version of this historical figure?

Yeah, that was part of what made me nervous going into the role.Before I even opened my mouth there's an expectation about what he looks like, and how he carries himself on screen, he has to have a certain essence or power before I'm even doing anything.For me, it was trying to reflect those images and that essence of one of arguably one of the greatest historical figures ever. I knew I was in good hands with the writers and production staff, but just for my own standards I wanted to create something different and have people love and hate him at the same time, and not be compared to previous Caesars. This version certainly ended up quite different, but what I like is that he still had the recognisable qualities.He managed to outsmart or fool Crassus quite a few times throughout the series, and in the finale he has a fantastic line accusing Crassus of planning for the future without ever taking the opportunities of the present.So he's clearly got cunning and ambition, and I wondered if you imagined him as having a plan following the events of the series?Yeah, that's interesting because I've never been asked that but yeah, it played such a huge part of my developing his character.