Overseas, the biggest demand for the band has been in Mexico, where 18.8% of their tickets have been sold.17% of the band's sales have come from Spain, and 10.2% from Argentina., is currently averaging $136, with the most expensive ticket averaging an impressive $649.

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A handful of the world's biggest artists dropped the news of their major world tours toward the end of 2015, and many of the tours have already sold out an impressive number of arenas in both the U. As it stands now, the average to express their outrage, but the hard reality remains: Adele is currently the biggest artist in the world, and it's going to cost a ton to see her live, whether it's in her hometown across the pond, or in the middle of the U. The "" singer will launch the overseas portion her of Adele Live 2016 Tour on February 29 in Belfast, and as it stands, the average ticket price for her tour is $291, with the most expensive ticket priced at $5,742.

To compare, the average price of Adele's previous tours is just $92.

So far, 12.2% of Adele's international sales come from the U.

K., 11.4% from Spain, and 11.1% from Mexico., and the tour dates for the album followed shortly after.

Justin Bieber will be heading out on the road overseas from September 9 until November 29 where it ends in London, England, at the O2 Arena.

As it stands, overseas are averaging 7, with his most expensive ticket going for an impressive 4.

The average price of Bieber's previous tours is 8, showing that the pop star has been a consistent force over the years.

As of now, 26.1% of The Bieb's sales are coming from Spain, with 17.7% from Italy, and 14.2% from Germany.

Music Times is giving away a pair of tickets to Bieber's Purpose World Tour. 14 and the winners will start to be announced on Feb. The winners will also get the choice of which city and date they would like to attend for the Biebs' tour.

To enter follow Music Times on Twitter and apply through the submission form found at OR click on icon for the "Monthly Ticket Giveaway" on the Music Times homepage. are not cheap, as the most expensive ticket is currently priced at ,580.

Across their previous tours, tickets averaged just 5.