"It really has [but] James and I have found a way to have a new relationship, and move on so that’s what we’re doing," she adds. My mom always said to me, 'There are always people worse off than you so however much you feel you’re hurting or going through a tough time, keeping it inside yourself and holding on to it is not going to help you.If you can accept what has happened, however dire, open your heart and reach out to help someone else.You are able to heal." they would always work together for their sons.

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Who is jane seymour dating video

"We'll always care for one another and care about one another.

That doesn't change." At 64, Jane Seymour is still a beautiful woman.

Do you suppose as time goes on she may rethink her options and consider getting married yet again?

fame chatted recently with Fox411 about dating after her divorce.

Seymour and ex-husband James Keach finalized their divorce in April of 2013.

Now dating someone, Jane Seymour says that's enough for her--at least at this point in her life."I don’t know if I need to get married again," she said."There is someone in my life right now who I’m really enjoying.No one knows who it is, just a nice, normal, lovely person that I met actually about 34 years ago.A similar thing happened to him as me and we just found each other.For right now this is very good." Splitting from James Keach has been "really, really, really hard," Jane Seymour admits.