For most of his adult life David de Rothschild has worked tirelessly as an environmental activist, hurled himself into extreme adventures, and chafed against the label ‘banking heir’.One reason why he’s living in a converted garage here in Venice, California, is because people treat him more as an autonomous individual and less as the scion of Europe’s most powerful banking dynasty.Thirty-five years old, tall, slim, bearded and fashionably unkempt, he gets around Venice on a skateboard and surfs nearly every morning.

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‘Over here, if people know who I am, they’re more likely to say, “Oh, you’re the Plastiki guy.” ’ In 2010, with a crew of fellow adventurers and eco-activists, de Rothschild launched a boat made out of 12,500 recycled plastic bottles and sailed it 8,000 miles across the Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney.

He named the boat Plastiki, in homage to Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki, and the purpose of the voyage was to draw attention to the horrendous, mind-boggling quantity of plastic rubbish floating in the world’s oceans and killing a million seabirds a year.

In the middle of the Pacific they sailed through an accidental monument to modern civilisation called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Instead of giving the mentally ill healthy food and vitamins we drug them into a zombie like stupor. Abram Hoffer cured mental illness with b vitamins in the 50’s. He sings a song called Fefe is possessed by the ghost of Jacko. When the world comes together under the Red Shield of Moshiach ben David there will be dancing in the streets.

I’m here to tell you all the secrets of our medical swindle. Kurt had a problem being the voice of a generation. Our chosen psychiatrists tortured Kurt with quack medications until he killed himself.

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