Like a lot of SNL's repeat sketches, there's an appeal to going back to it over and over again because it has a recognizable character, a theme song and a built-in structure.

More » Another of the characters that put Wiig on the map at SNL, Penelope was the ultimate one-upper: she would show up at a party and top any story or anecdote with one of her own, often going to totally nonsensical places.

The punchline was always the same -- Penelope was really telling the truth about her outlandish life all along -- and that took some steam out of what was actually a really observant skewering of a very specific kind of person that exists in real life.

More » So much of what could be considered wrong with Kristen Wiig's recurring characters -- and even the institution of Saturday Night Live -- is best summarized by "Gilly." Wiig plays an odd elementary school student who wears a giant wig and hurts other students in class; when called out on it, she only says "Sorry." It's a single joke over and over, and a particularly lazy one at that; the sketch seems to want to coast by on the visual of Wiig in a big afro wig doing a silly dance.

in 2005, Kristen Wiig became one of the show's biggest stars thanks to a huge arsenal of recurring characters she played from week to week.

Check out 11 of her most popular characters, from the Target Lady to Suze Orman.

One of Wiig's earliest recurring characters feels like something that came right from the stage during her time improvising with The Groundlings.

Playing a wacky Target employee who's way too enthusiastic about her job and would constantly leave her register to take advantage of a deal, Wiig's performance amounted to a funny voice and facial expression.

The purpose of this post is to let you know that the inimitable Kristen Wiig has a new boyfriend, and he is hot.

His name is Avi Rothman, and he's been vacationing with Wiig in Hawaii this week — the two were spotted making out on the beach in Kauai.