As often happens with videos that go viral, the source of this video is still unknown. The busy area is not the only reason why Uniqlo is an unlikely place to record a sex tape, it is also the brand itself.Uniqlo is a casual brand, selling basic fashion for men and women.It is known as somewhat ‘boring’, where people buy their white socks and Mickey Mouse T-shirts. Her name, her birthday, her address, her birthplace, her identity card number and her school are currently being shared amongst thousands of netizens. I sure hope she has a marketing strategy in mind on how to use the event to her advantage. About the author: Manya Koetse is a Sinologist (MPhil) and the editor of providing social, cultural and historical insights into trending topics on China’s social media.

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One Weibo user called “Yuyi Houtianxu” (余艺侯天旭), a university student, was identified as the girl in the video. Although Uniqlo might not have been used the video as a marketing tool, are quick to jump in on this trending topic by selling the deleted video online through Taobao, or using the incident for their own benefit. Contact at [email protected], or follow on Twitter.

H&M, for example, stated that girls who shop at their store “have more class” (image provided by Bleep bleep. What’s on Weibo - inside the trending topics of China.

Social, cultural and historical insights into trending topics on China’s social media.

A message from my long-time Beijing friend Lily: “Manya, did you see this yet?

” Three pictures of a naked girl and a man in a fitting room, recording a sex video via the big mirror in front of them. ”, I ask Lily, a bit cautious with what I click, just in case I get involved in one of.

“This is Uniqlo in Beijing,” she writes: “Everybody is talking about this right now!

” Over the last 24 hours, ‘Uniqlo Beijing’ has become a buzz word on Weixin groups and on Weibo.

Although the topic initially remained uncensored by Uniqlo is a Japanese casual fashion company operating in fourteen different countries around the world.

Uniqlo Beijing is located in Sanlitun The Village, an iconic shopping area near Beijing’s embassy district, where thousands of people pass by every day.

The video of about a minute, shared amongst China’s netizens, shows how a young man and a naked girl have sex inside one of Uniqlo’s fitting rooms. In this particular case, it is the questions that create the buzz.

In the background, you can hear people passing by and talking as the couple secretly records their sexual escapade through smartphone. Many people have been to Sanlitun The Village and might have visited Uniqlo – a place that is always crowded, with security on every corner.