From that day i realized that my mom never use to have duppata on her dress wen she is at home.

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I knew that my mom has very sound sleep she don’t get up with any noise or moments so that night i went close to her n placed my hand on those boobs that was awesome feeling man i didn’t do any moment i just kept it on her boobs they were very soft as my mom never use to wear bra while sleeping so i use to feel those nipples above her gown at a times i use to keep my legs on her thighs n use to lift her gown slowly slowly with my legs i use to lift it till her thighs n use to touch those thighs with my hand the were as soft as velvet this was my every night story.

After few days i thought of going i more step ahead 1 night while sleeping i open few buttons of her gown and places my hand on her naked boobs the were very soft i was out of the world that was my first touch to those huge boobs i was over excited n don’t know wen i started pressing it. She was shock to see this she started shouting at me .

What the hell r u doing i was numb i didn’t knew what to say to her i just said sorry n went to sleep .

Hi friends i m fun loving guy from Mumbai i m submitting story after really long time, i m daily visitor of iss n low the incest stories.

I m writing a real life experience that i had with my mom if u like the story do mail me on [email protected] without wasting much time i ll cum directly to the story I am a 28 year old guy leaving in Mumbai.

Born in a Muslim family, my family has three members me, my mom n dad.My dad is in gulf from past 20 years as he works over there he cums to Mumbai 1ns every 2 years for 2 months. As i m the only child to them so i m pampered from my childhood n as i m the only 1 at home me n n my mom is quit close to each other.Describing about my mom she is 54 year lady now fair complex with a figure of 42 38 40. It all started wen i was in 10th std that was the first time i watched a porn movie with my friends it was a Hindi porn (xx type) n the lady in it was fat n aged n she was having sex with a young guy .I was thrilled after watching it as it was my first time i got really hard on my pants n that was the first time i masturbated. As it was my vacations me n my friends use to watch porn at my friends place as his parents had gone to his native place.V use to watch only Hindi porn as it had more of foreplay then sex. After watching this porn sex was the only thing in my minds didn’t had any girlfriend i use to masturbate after watching this movies.1 day at night i got up to go to the bathroom i saw my mom sleeping next to me as i said i m the only person at home with mom so i use to sleep with her on same bed from my childhood she was wearing a night gown and it was up to her thighs wen i saw those huge white thighs i really got excited n got erection i went to bathroom n masturbated wen i came back she was in same position i don’t know what to do i was not able to sleep whole night .I never had any thing wrong in my mind about my mom till that night . All that was running in my mind was those white milky thighs of my mom. I as feeling guilty inside but those horny feelings were over powering my guilt from that day onwards i started looking at my mom in different way.