This service is not available on Fridays and the last Wednesday of every month. Please schedule your visa appointment well in advance to account for any delays. Please carry a printout of your appointment details on the given date of appointment. Many visas are valid for one year and allow the person to travel to the U. Embassy for their appointments no earlier than 30 minutes prior to, or 30 minutes after the appointment time. We suggest that applicants bring reading material to occupy themselves while they wait for their interview.

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Before we start, allow me to impart some Uncle Chim Tuna wisdom to you: Never ever mess with a poor man’s money.

A wealthy man can write off the deed but not a person who literally depends on everything they can get to feed themselves and their children.

A hustler never forgets and when they finally do retaliate, it will be something inspired by Be...

The elections are just a year away and politicians are already in campaign mode.

In Kiambu county, Mike Sonko and William Kabogo teamed up to address the people of the area.

To create a lot of attention they came in a Ksh20 Million military truck which really stood out in public.

All applicants, including those for visa renewal and children must book an appointment. For example, if your appointment is at am, you should not arrive before am or after am.

Applicants should be able to book appointments at their own convenience around the clock to schedule and reschedule their appointments.