I finished my espresso and made a hasty departure 20 minutes later. When I arrived at the swanky bar in Chelsea, he was plastered. I could tell he was the kind of bloke who enjoyed a nice bottle of red – or four – and obviously liked the bar because he knew everybody there. After our third date I said: ‘I’ve got a confession to make about my past.’ Maybe he thought I was about to reveal that I used to be a man! On the way out after our meal, the plonker pinched my bottom. Texting saucy pictures to a total strangers seemed to be the norm. So I told him, and all he said was: ‘Very interesting.’At the time I didn’t know what a ‘wink’ was and there were so many blokes it was overwhelming.

We have male clients one might term as regulars; we’ve just acted for one gentleman in his third divorce.

'My experience as a divorce lawyer is that women are a lot more cautious about remarrying once they have been divorced.

Men, however, appear very keen post-divorce to find a new girlfriend and often that girlfriend wants the security of marriage and will push for it.'A surprising 42 per cent of divorced men who are looking to date again also said they would be prepared to pay for a professional pick up artist to chaperone them on a date - a little like Steve Carrell does with Ryan Gosling in the film.

And if nothing else, I’ve become something of an expert on the matter…I clocked him as soon as I walked into the bar where we had agreed to meet.

He assumed that I knew who he was and went straight in with a question about what I did.

I said I made gorgeous organic beauty products but then worried that he might think I was trying to flog them to him. Get me out of here.’ He then started on about his ex-wife and how she’d taken all his money. I’ve actually met some lovely men alongside all the oddballs, but I haven’t come across the person who blows me away and who I can’t live without. It was honestly one of the worst dates I’ve been on. During my 30 years with a Rolling Stone, I saw and did things that would make your mother wince – and mine.I’ve lived a rock ’n’ roll lifestyle to the full – crazy nights, parties that lasted for days, wild tours. But that was before I entered the weird, wonderful – and at times wacky – world of dating for the over-50s. Take the incorrigible bottom groper I met on my first date, or the Rolling Stones fan who only wanted to talk about my ex.After all, there’s no longer any shame in using a dating agency.As millions of divorcees will tell you, meeting someone you’re willing to share your newly independent life with is extremely hard work.