As long as your address is the same address, it doesn't matter.I had my stuff delivered to a friend's place, he was carded, and he picked it up – just said I was a flatmate. This is just something that annoys me and doesnt make logic. Therefore we have to have a post box at the post office only 9kms away.

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About the "Sorry, we've missed you" card, The name is under my brother, however he is unable to collect it at the moment and with none of his I. If the postmaster questioned your ID just tell him your brother is busy and he sent you to collect his item for him.

As the package was for me but I had to order it under his name. As long as the address and surname matches, you should be able to collect the item unless it was sent as a person to person delivery.

If Aust Post can not deliver it to our residential address and we have to collect it from the post office, surely this is saving them money.

I know the old argument that we get a reduced rate etc, but I would suggest they are saving money by not paying wages/fuel to someone to come out and deliver it.

They have also offered for us to collect it from the counter.

Or you can always put on a hat and borrow your brother's ID.

You can also have him sign the card to let you collect it as his "agent".

There should be somewhere on the card for this however if there isn't then you probably won't get asked any questions as long as your family name and address matches.

You don't even have to get him to sign it, any old signature that resembles the name is 'good enough' as far as most Aus Post LPO workers care.