These relationships define the content to be used while exporting to e Pub, HTML, or accessible PDFs, and define the order of the content.You can create articles from a combination of existing page items within a layout, including images, graphics, or text.Once an article has been created, page items can be added, removed, or reordered.

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Tight integration with Acrobat and Dreamweaver helps you get your content distributed in a variety of media, including print, web, video, and mobile.

In Design CS5.5 introduced the Articles panel, which makes tagging PDF documents easier than ever — you no longer have to use the Structure pane or Tags panel. When In Design exports the tagged PDF, those mapped tags automatically define the role map in Acrobat.

Articles provide designers and production artists an easy way to create relationships among page items.

Adobe® In Design® CC software supports accessible cross-media publication, allowing you to export In Design documents to e Pub, HTML, or accessible PDF.

Reduce the time it takes to create PDF documents that people with disabilities can use more effectively.

Apply accessibility features within your In Design document, rather than having to make major changes in Adobe Acrobat® software.PDF tags, alt tags, and the content order you assign stay with the document as you revise it.Used in combination with Acrobat for touch-up of the exported PDF files and Adobe Dreamweaver® software for HTML output, users can achieve maximum accessibility for the exported content.The Accessibility Touchup Action Wizard in Acrobat is ideal for adding finishing touches to accessible PDF files created using In Design CS6.Get more information about the Accessibility Touchup Action Wizard.In Design CC supports accessible cross-media publication, allowing you to export In Design documents to PDF, XHTML, and XML.