The software has one very cool feature that allows you to see if other community members are watching your cam, so if they have their cam running you can go and watch them too.

Whatever you're looking for in the way of webcams and chat, absolutely anything, you'll find it here. You have to sign up (30 day free trial) to view the cams and free webcam broadcast software, allows you to display in either general, adult, or private areas.

There are categories covering pretty much anything. if you can imagine it, chances are you'll find it here. There are several public chat rooms, and also audio chat.

Parents should be aware that many of the cams here are found in the adult area.

No credit card required A new site, which unlike many cam communities also functions as a dating site. This is one of the longest running webcam community sites, and as such has gone through many changes over the years, some for the better, some for the worse.

To top it all off, this site is completely free and relies on voluntary donations to finance itself.

no credit card required A very large webcam community that appears to have been around for some time.It's free to join, with webcam software, so you can just watch the cams or broadcast your own.It's features user profiles, multiple category chat rooms, a good search function, and best of all, only requires the Flash MX plug-in for you to view streaming cams and display your own... The free software while now easier to set up than it once was does seem somewhat less efficient too... What this site excels at is providing a family friendly webcam environment.There are lots of streaming cams, some featuring people with their own chat rooms, some are views inside people's houses showing the day to day goings on, and others are outside views.While there is an adult area on the site, it is well hidden isn't something likely to be stumbled across by someone who isn't specifically looking for it. An entirely family friendly webcam community with free software for you to download.You can customize your own webcam page and set text overlays on your cam image.