It’s Alive offers the nastier side of the baby making coin.Truth or Dare is a great way to break the ice with someone new!

Things are heating up, the flames of passion are too huge to be doused. The shape shifting orgy of aliens merging into one united quivering mass of flesh in Brian Yuzna’s Society is one way to go.

Nothing says ‘I want to be one with you’ more than a sweating pile of mutated prosthetics immersed in a writhing ritual of bloody carnality.

Never in the history of horror cinema have a man and a woman spent so long screaming in each others faces.

Truth or Dare is a movie about childish teenage games getting out of hand.

It’s about young, perma-horny kids making mistakes, being bad and getting punished for it. It’s a tense, nasty film about masks slipping and peoples real, evil sides being revealed. If you took your date to the party in Truth or Dare, I don’t fancy your chances at a long term relationship with whom ever you took.

At the very least, let’s just hope they survive the night.

Horror movies make for a great date however, and they also act as a useful tool for getting messages across to your potential mate.

Possession is an emotional endurance test about the violent dissolution of a marriage with some gloopy alien sex thrown in for good measure. Maybe keep a few blood caps handy for that hacking up blood moment if you partner really isn’t getting the message.

It’s violent, nihilistic, depraved and ultimately very, very cynical. Want to tell them you need a few days of head space. In extreme cases, trying painting a large black cross on your front door.