Even if I knew exactly what to do based on the top answer (yeah, no clue what to do inside the keymap rules), it doesn't seem to be the right thing to do since Ubuntu does recognize my keystrokes anyway.

toshiba portege r705 p35 updating drivers-76

I just wanted to rule out the software drivers first, because I remembered that I used to be able to do that relatively quickly. : P In any case, you have a good point, and I appreciate the reminder.

It could even be an upper/lower filter issue within Windows. But eventually I found a utility called TOSHIBA SERVICE CENTER, which updates covers a few of Windows Update’s blind spots: Toshiba software, the BIOS, and a few others.

If the system boots, and the drive continues to operate nominally, then you know it is a software issue within Windows. I don’t understand how the old BIOS—with which the drive previously worked—stopped working in the first place.

) for changing my screen brightness and shows the notification bubble where the level changes.

However this change isn't actually reflected on the screen.

The brightness remains unchanged from what I left it at when I was logged into Windows.

This problem has only manifested itself after I update to Natty, the brightness adjustment worked perfectly in 10.10 for me.

It seems I have the same issue as in this: Changing brightness on a Sony Vaio laptop question, however on a Toshiba Portege R705-P35.

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