DO NOT ask if they speak Russian in Bulgaria (they don't, they speak Bulgarian which is a Slavic language) and DO NOT confuse Bulgaria with Bolivia. If her parents are at home and you are invited for a visit, buy some flowers for her mom and a bottle of wine for the dad, you will make a really nice impression by doing this. She is absolutely stunning and is the best lover I have ever had. I'm an irish man dating a bulgarian woman for 8 months now and she is the most incredible person i have ever met.If they serve you a cooked meal, dip some of the bread in the sauce, that's how Bulgarians eat. I loved my stay in Varna and was in awe of how many beautiful gorgeous girls i saw there. she is beautiful intelligent and very funny but treats me very well as a person.

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She will never admit it, but she wants you to show her off...proud of her and and let her shine. They want a relaxing atmosphere with good conversation and an enjoyable cup of coffee. Bulgarian women may have very nice careers, but they are not so career driven to want to talk about work socially.

If your date is more casual and you are headed for a cup of coffee, show some class and go to a REAL coffee house that serves coffee in porcelain cups. They are social butterflies and will be much more impressed if you spend your time telling funny stories, discussing travels, cuisine, even telling jokes.

They will give you subtle hints that they are into you, and they will expect you to drive the romance.

Every woman is different but here are some practical advise for those of you who like a lady from Bulgaria and want to ask her out.

Do the following, and you are sure to make a very pleasant impression to every Bulgarian woman.

Bulgarian women are generally social people, so it is important to take her out in a social setting.She will like a nice restaurant with good wine and all of that, but the evening should include dancing at a club or having drinks with a group of people where the stories will be fun and the laughs will be long.When this happens, Bulgarian women are very much like all women....sweet nothings and compliments about their beauty and sexiness will get you everywhere!Dress nicely no matter where you go, show that you have class, it does not have to be something expensive, never wear a stripy shorts or things like that.You will make a great impression if you share your knowledge of foreign languages (she is likely to know at least one more than English), European literature and philosophy.If you don't have any knowledge of this matter, go to the library and get a college textbook in humanities, this should give you a good overview. always take your shoes off at the door even if she tells you not to. If she offers you sleepers that fit, gladly accept them. She is incredibly bright, engaging, treats me incredibly well, and a joy to be around.