Oh yeah, did we mention that one run-in with some LEGO-ized statue named Oscar?Since the secret to their longevity can only be found in their discography, Vulture asked Tegan and Sara to pick the 10 best songs they've written.As an added bonus, they've shared some advice for songwriters.

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But that was the moment where I was like, no, no, this really cathartic to sing this, to scream on stage every night, and watch everyone else scream along.

When I say exactly how I feel, it really seems to connect.

It still feels the same performing it now, though obviously, we’ve updated it.

If you've been following Tegan and Sara since their debut album, 1999's Under Feet Like Ours, you know they're the type to make you love them to death.

Even if you didn't hear your first Tegan and Sara earworm until their 2004 breakthrough hit, "Walking With a Ghost," by now, their canon of pop masterpieces has become even more inescapable.

With their eighth album, Love You to Death, out Friday, boasting at least one viable Song of the Summer contender — not to mention some of the the year's best songs, full stop — the Quin twins find themselves in rare territory.

They've graduated from emo heartthrobs to queer influencers to pop songwriting elite without ever losing momentum.

But this was probably the first song that I wrote that had a connection with the audience, which I hadn’t yet had a song accomplish.

It was sort of obvious right from the beginning that it was gonna be everybody’s sad, weepy breakup song.