Get the man you want, get him to marry you, make sure he doesn’t leave or cheat on you. What happens in the daily manifestations of that relationship merely depends on how good you are at slave owning.Books aimed at teaching those three principles are a self-help market unto themselves which generates significant income for the authors.

Tattooed slave girl dating video

Women’s magazines are filled with articles telling them how to get and keep a man and women read these articles enthusiastically because they want to learn all the tricks.

They openly, unabashedly, share their tips on how to capture and keep men as their possessions, and some writers make a good living by sharing their advice on how to be a good slave owner.

Sherry Argov is a use humour but the message is clear.

“Men control the world, but women control the men.” Having control in a relationship manifests in many ways but attempts at control are quite simple.

Radical feminist lawyers wish to tell us that battered women get stuck in toxic relationships because they are vulnerable to male power. Lilian Glass, while still blaming men for being toxic, finally hints a bit of the truth behind the problem. Glass says women become “toxic men magnets” when they convince themselves they can tame “bad boys” – that’s the ego talking, she says.

Others quietly believe their love is like no other – that’s naiveté.

Others still are addicted to drama, mistaking intensity for love.

The problem is not the men, it’s that women want to own them.

While Glass acknowledges that so-called toxic men can be completely non-toxic in other relationships, she doesn’t quite make the leap to switching who the victim in the relationship might have been.

Given the advances in psychology, she feels that women “can do a lot more now than walk away – you have options.

Sometimes a bully needs to be bullied.” Slaves are, after all, an investment.