This fantasy dates back to Bergman movies where families attend the sauna together, go to the beach, and so on; all completely naked.And has ever since been fueled by Hollywood stereotypes of Swedish women.

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Many years have now passed since the Western world proclaimed “sexual liberation”, when the dawn of pleasure would break.

I am however afraid that today, this philosophical notion is profoundly poverty-stricken, and lack some of the substance matters when it comes to the phenomenology of sexuality.

I would like to propose the idea that sexuality in the West, is not really a topic of sexuality but rather of sexual ideology.

The politically correct approach to any sexual encounter in our contemporary time is in effect “pornographic”.

As such, from a Swedish perspective there was nothing erotic about nude bathing.

And therefore, not in the sphere of sexual promiscuity.This cultural misunderstanding may also explain why people such as Julian Assange has described Sweden as a culture of sexual regression.This may sound like nuts, so the argument is in need of some deeper elaboration.First of all, it must be clear that sexuality has a deeply cultural side to it.Regarding the cultural aspect of sexuality, there is an apparent example of the contextuality of sexuality that I believe every Swede can relate to.That of the American fantasy of Sweden as the paradise of sexual promiscuity par excellence.