The event is logistically difficult to organize so if you’d like to attend, be considerate and rsvp in time. The gentlemen would sequentially move from table to table immediately quelling any fears of awkward moments as you try and decide who to talk to next.

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The event was set to start at 6pm and being the Kenyan that I am, I strolled in at about 6.30pm.

The instructions were that all daters were to come with a partner of the opposite sex to even out the numbers, so it is predominantly heterosexually oriented.

I had been invited by my childhood fun buddy so while I was slightly nervous about it, I knew we’d have a laugh about it at the end of the day.

I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of speed dating and I blame Will Smith’s romantic comedy, Hitch.

When the chance to try this out in real life came up, how could I say no?

That’s how I ended up at the Spicy Speed Dating event run by the dating website Date Me

Set in the quaint and homely ‘The Thai Place Restaurant and Bar’ on Ngong road next to the more popular Brew Bistro, it had both the excitement of trying out a new experience as well as a new venue. The restaurant is a tastefully repurposed old corner house in a court of about five houses, that features a warm (real) fireplace on the inside with a spacious lawn that allows for outdoor dining.

Happy hour goes until 7pm with Kenyan beers and Mojitos popular among the crowd.

Butterflies and liquid courage are taken care of as the cover charge of 1,500 caters for two drinks and some tasty bitings.

The speed dating started at 7pm with a short introduction by the hosts.

There were about 20 people participating, a majority of whom were newbies. All the ladies were assigned a number and a table to sit.