It did me a lot of good and I am sure Jonathan will be a better person for it.” “I am sure you are right,” Jennifer said, not being too sure at all though thought better of it than to say that to her friend yet added, “I recall she gave me quite a number of lessons as well.” Jennifer and Carol had been very close as youngsters, staying at each others houses for maybe a week at a time and had to accept the discipline of the household, hence Jennifer’s several trips across Marion’s lap for a spanking.Carol said, “Well we can laugh about it now as those days are well behind us now.” “Come on,” Jennifer said, picking up the hairbrush and leading the way back to join the others, “let’s get back to the others.I have a bottom to spank and hopefully you will as well afterwards.

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Carol was effervescent as usual, thanking Jennifer loudly for letting them all come and watch her discipline Daniel, and said even more loudly that he was 21 years old, the same age as Jonathan. Jennifer went to the kitchen to collect the hairbrush and Carol followed her. I’m sure that when Jonathan sees Daniel accepting his spanking he will agree he isn’t too old after all.” Jennifer saw how enthusiastic her friend. “You are looking quite the part Carol, dressed to be in charge,” she said smiling. Jennifer said, “I remember she had a short temper when we were younger, as we found out quite often, or at least you mainly.” Jennifer said laughing.

Jennifer thought her friend was made up very nicely wearing a smart tight fitting black skirt a white blouse and high heels looking quite the woman in control in fact, and ready for action. “You mean the time I spent across the maternal lap” Carol replied also laughing, remembering the long and hard spankings her Mother used to give her.

“That’s why I think Jonathan needs some of that discipline you know.

21 year old Daniel stood obediently as he listened to 42 year old Jennifer, his girlfriend of some months now, say to her friend Carol on the phone.

“Yes Carol, Daniel has been so rude to me this morning and there really is nothing more for it, so I am going to spank him.

I am just ringing as you and Jonathan are due come over in a while and I thought it best to delay by an hour.” After a question from Carol, Jennifer continued, “I know an hour sounds a long time but I really am so annoyed the way I feel at the moment I will probably spank him for that long.” There was a pause before Jennifer continued more light heartedly, “No problem if your Mother is with you. Yes, I remember her from old, and so does my bottom,” and then laughed.Then Daniel noticed a turn in the conversation when Jennifer said, “Oh I see, yes well that might work.So your Jonathan has been a handful as well...” Then after a gap said, “Yes I suppose being able to spank Daniel is a bonus for me.” Jennifer said laughing and adding, “He is my boyfriend and Jonathan is your son, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same really.” There was another question from Carol and Jennifer said now quite seriously, “Do you really think Jonathan might accept you spanking him if he sees me spanking Daniel, just because they are the same age?” then continued, “Yes, if his only argument is that at 21 he is too old to be spanked then it might work as Daniel is also 21 after all.Look Carol if you want to come over and watch me spank Daniel then that is fine, no problem, and if Jonathan gets to agree to be spanked in the future then that would be a great outcome for you.” Then after a gap she laughed and said, “Of course Marion can come as well, gosh she has spanked enough bottoms in her time so she can always give me some pointers.” Jennifer finished the conversation with, “Right, then we will see the three of you in a few minutes, and yes, Daniel will regret being so naughty for sure.” So it was settled.Three visitors were on their way over to watch 42 year old Jennifer spank her 21 year old boyfriend. Jonathan the same age as Daniel, so 21..Carol’s Mother, Marion is 63. Being spanked never did me any harm and I reckon it is the best way to sort him out quickly.