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sophos password updating version7 x txt-82

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Hi, My 64-bit windows 7 system is infected with Zero Access/Sirefef.

There were multiple infections, but booting from a few rescue CDs (F-Secure, e Set, Sophos) to run scans got rid of most of them.

keeps getting detected by my anti-virus software (Sophos) as ZAccess-L and it gets blocked. I have done multiple searches for this and generally if people delete it while booted to a rescue cd or something their computer will not boot.

I have booted to a rescue cd and deleted the file and rebooted, but the file comes back on next bootup.

I was expereincing high utilization previously of and services.exe, but I fixed that by fixing the registry key in Control Set XXX\Control\Session Manager\Sub Systems to have the correct instead of consrv.dll, after doing that my computer performance has returned to essentially normal, but I know I am still infected because keeps coming back and keeps getting detected as a virus, and because my antivirus program is kept very busy in terms of CPU blocking it when it appears. I tried running asw but it appears to crash upon a certain stage in the virus scan (always the same spot).

If I disable the virus scan in aswmbr then it completes just fine but the info is not very useful.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help.