With some fresh faces, equal dynamic, and the same setting, this show could go far as a creative spinoff. "Pan Am" This show had excellent potential but was ripped off the air much too soon.“Pan Am” featured some historical moments, and though some truths were undeniably stretched, the show should not have been put down for it.

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| Boy Meets World, Degrassi, Film and TV, Ghost Whisperer, Girl Meets World, Glee, Greek, Heroes, Life with Derek, Nick Cannon, Numb3rs, Pan Am, Phil of the Future, Sister Sister, The River, Ugly Betty, Wild N Out, Zoey 101 With Nick Cannon’s sketch comedy show “Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘n Out” returning next year and Disney pushing for a “Boy Meets World” spinoff (Appropriately entitled “Girl Meets World”), now seems like the perfect time to consider other television shows that deserve a resurrection.

From old school comedies to childhood favorites to premature cancellations, here are the best shows that were either gone before their time or too memorable to not bring back. “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” Because, let’s face it, college students really need a survival guide tailored to them.

Remember when the two lead characters on the show Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw were dating for a couple years?

Nowadays, Lindsey is invested with her role on “Pretty Little Liars”, but Devon should definitely be brought back as a college student with some new friends of his own! "Zoey 101" Every teenager who watched “Zoey 101” on Teen Nick wanted to go to a beautiful boarding school like Pacific Coast Academy (which, shockingly, turned out to be Pepperdine University's campus in Malibu, California).

Add a few flashbacks to their years on “Sister, Sister”, include more adult themes, and stick them on a different network than Disney… Since it ended on a cliffhanger with phenomenal opportunity to make the plot exciting, the show could seamlessly ease itself back on air. "Numb3rs" While the statistics show consistently disappointing ratings, “Numb3rs” should not have been cancelled before its seventh season.

Sure, the show had its limitations because of the reality aspect it pursued, but did it really deserve cancellation? “Numb3rs” was one of those different shows that followed a unique concept, like “Criminal Minds.” The show would benefit from an upgraded story line and more relatable personal stories. "Ghost Whisperer" “Ghost Whisperer,” like “Numb3rs,” was among the many shows that CBS chose to axe out back in 2010.Loyal fans were just as upset as Jennifer Love Hewitt was when the show was cancelled after its fifth season, and for good reason.The show could have been brought to a different level, had more creative storylines been put into the plot.The show almost had a comeback on ABC, but fell flat. "Ugly Betty" No show was as inspirational as “Ugly Betty” was.The show eventually ended, presumably because of its decreased ratings and the storyline running dry.Yet “Ugly Betty” should return with its original writers, maybe with new characters or a fast-forward perspective like on “Desperate Housewives.” 9.