Again, I'd love to hear from Ruby enthusiasts to comment on style and other approaches.def score(dice) return 0 if dice == nil score = 0 counts = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] { |roll| counts[roll-1] += 1 if (1..6) === roll } # Count valid rolls (1..6){ |i| score += (i == 1) ? (legal battles in two countries have now been settled) We will hopefully start our next broadcast from the Phillipines, where we have secured the rights to our very own burial ground.

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They have been legally fighting as their site says: "Having had many battles in our efforts to maintain our 'Live Coffin Cams' within the interiors of our subjects' caskets.

The See Me site is dedicated to all who have gone before us.

[undisclosed to protect gravesite]Our original cam site will be one of three that will be live over the course of the coming months, we will stream 1 site at a time at first and then hopefully by the end of 2006 have all three running simultaneously on three pages of this site .

From our base in Seattle we should have been able to control the lighting and 'refresh rate' of the camera equipment, unfortunately that was not the case.

Thankfully all the problems we had from the start, (lighting and mounting issues meant that the cam was not only almost impossible to see but also the zoom mal-functioned) have now been addressed.

We trust that the new burial site will be more suitable.We hope you find See Me a fascinating place to visit over the coming years.It's interesting what some sleep and exercise can do.The next day while approaching the "big hill" part of my run I came up with a new solution to the Greed Ruby Koan.This solution is shorter and is more Rubyesque (I think).It also includes a reasonable amount of error checking (nil parameter and valid dice values).