Then an anesthesia tech recognized her, and word spread through the hospital staff that a porn star was among their ranks.

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When Gauge retired from the adult industry in 2005, she had big plans for her post-porn career.

A 4-foot-11 Arkansas native best known her signature move — receiving anal sex while doing a handstand — Gauge abruptly left the industry after shooting more than 140 films, due to a contract dispute with her management company.

Although she enjoyed her four-year stint in front of the camera, she wanted to take time off to prove to herself that she could succeed in other avenues.

“Some girls enter the business without a long-term plan, or maybe they think they can’t do anything else,” she says. I always thought I could do anything.”After a few years of saving money through feature dancing, Gauge went to school to get her certification as a surgical tech, reaching the top of her class and logging double her required hours in the process.

“I’m thinking, why isn’t anybody asking [the anesthesia tech] how he recognized me? “OK, so what – I’m the provider, you’re the freaking consumer.

Why is what I did so much more wrong than what you did?” Hurt but still undeterred, Gauge went to criminal justice school, then to makeup artist school.When she applied for jobs, she’d be passed over in favor of someone with less experience and training; when she went to church services with her husband and teenage stepchildren, she lived in constant fear of being recognized. ”Gauge is quick to note that porn is “not a Plan B” for her — for the most part, she enjoyed her time in the industry, and respected the people she worked with.After eight years of this treatment, at the age of 33 she decided to return to the porn industry, announcing her comeback film with Brazzers in an interview with porn blogger and director Billy Watson.“I ended up just getting so fed up with the way I was being treated,” she told me the week after she announced her comeback. Yet her frustration over having been denied a life outside of porn is palpable.“I have a family now, and if I’ve exhausted all my avenues and the only thing left is the adult industry, then I’m just like, well, look, I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that, year after year after year. “I left because I wanted to prove to myself that I could succeed in other avenues,” she says, a not-so-subtle hint of irony in her husky Southern twang. But I guess I succeeded a little better in porn.”Gauge’s post-porn trajectory is far from unusual.The adult industry has, for lack of a better term, a particularly high recidivism rate, especially for performers who have achieved a certain level of name recognition.