Vanilla Frosted – The same light and airy yeast-raised dough as the glazed varieties only this time covered in a smooth vanilla frosting and a unilateral swath of sprinkles.

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“No,” says Gus, “enjoy my Donuts.”When I get home I feel guilty.

Here I am championing the mom-and-pop Donut shop, hoping they can survive the intimidating and overly-purple neon threat of Dunkin, and I go and take a significant portion of their daily inventory without shelling out even a dime of compensation. So I eat the Donuts: Plain Glazed – Already described above. Glazed Twist – Exactly the same flavor as the plain glazed, but with a more inventive and longer lasting shape.

Perfect for when you’re in the mood for a glazed but are starving.

I spoke with Gus a few weeks ago over a steaming cup of black coffee and a plain glazed, which I have to say is one of the best in all of Brooklyn.

It was soft, only a smidge chewy and covered in just the right amount of glaze – like a slightly less sweet Dunkin, making it WAY less sweet than a Krispy Kreme.

That’s actually not true, because after the fact I realized that there was only a single “filled” Donut among the group – a lone Boston Creme. And in my experience, they’re the most popular variety among most Donut eaters.But here’s the kicker (I’ve never before used this phrase in print): This crazy mofo Gus won’t let me pay for him the Donuts. Blognut’s back in Brooklyn celebrating our centesimal post with a visit to Mike’s Donuts in Bay Ridge.Mike’s has been stuffing Brooklynites full of monstrous bursting-at-the-seems homemade donuts for over 30 years.The place is run by Mike Neamonitis and his son Gus.I think Mike’s son-in-law is also involved too but I don’t know his name.