The Board of Health of the Town of Southborough, acting under the authority of MGL C.3, ยง 31 and amendments and additions thereto, and by any other power thereto enabling, and acting thereunder, have, in the interest of, and for the preservation of the public health, duly made and adopted the following rules and regulations.

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Any water system serving or intended to serve water for human consumption or for domestic uses or purposes including a multiple dwelling, or to restaurants, dairies, schools, institutions, motels, mobile home parks, bottling plants, campgrounds, recreational camps for children, state forests, parks and beaches.

Includes pipes, valves, fittings tanks, pumps, motors, switches, controls and appurtenances installed or used for the purpose of storage, distribution, filtration, treatment or purification of water for any use whether or not inside a building.

Includes any pit, pipe excavation, spring, casing, drill hole or other source of water to be used for any purpose of supplying potable water in the Town of Southborough and shall include dug wells, driven or tubular wells, drilled wells (artesian or otherwise) and springs, gravel packed, gravel walled wells, gravel developed and wash borings and as further described in United States Environmental Protection Agency Manual of Individual Water Supply Systems.

No private or semipublic water supply shall be installed, altered or repaired until a permit has been obtained from the Board of Health or its agent.

The fee for this permit shall be set by the Board from time to time.

A permit so granted shall expire two years from the date of issue unless construction is begun.

A plot plan shall be submitted with the application for a well permit to the Board of Health indicating the proposed location of the well, all buildings, boundary lines and septic systems [within 200 feet].

No occupancy of the facilities which the well is to serve may be permitted until the well is installed, completed and has been demonstrated to supply water of the quality and quantity specified herein.

Wells shall be located at least 15 feet from any public or private way or street and 10 feet from lot lines, and 50 feet from any part of the septic system and 100 feet from any leaching area or any other such greater distance as may be required by the Board of Health.

The well must also be a minimum of five feet from any building or projection thereof.

The owners of a semipublic water supply shall possess and display an unrevoked permit from the Board of Health which signifies the status of sanitary protection, maintenance, operation and improvements recommended.