His third victim an 18-year-old girl screamed for help as he attacked her at 1.20am on June 16, in a lane near to Cochrane Street, Paisley..She also managed to dial her mother on her mobile phone.Ms Harper said: "The mother could only hear the screams of her daughter.

Police enquiries with the brother led to the accused attending at Paisley Police Offiice.

The court was told that Mc Donald, of Paisley, pounced on his first victim, a 17-year-old schoolgirl as she walked through Paisley town centre at 1am on April 3, after a night out with friends.

In Forbes Place, Paisley, Mc Donald pushed the girl into bushes, removed her clothes and raped her.

Afterwards as she sat crying he told her: Put your clothes back on.

He then told the sobbing schoolgirl: "You're too tense, you need to relax, before walking off." Mc Donald, who practised martial arts for two hours a day, targeted his second victim a 16-year-old in Craigielee Road, Renfrew, on May 27 as she walked home at 1.30am.

He hid in bushes and grabbed her as she walked past.He pushed her to the ground and put his hands round her throat and then dragged her to a wooded area.The court told that the girl was screaming at Mc Donald and punching at him and the noise attracted the attention of a passing taxi driver who went to her aid.Ms Harper said: "He punched her on the face and grabbed her by the throat and compressed her neck."He pulled her deeper into the wooded area and pulled her deeper into the woods."As she began to lose consciousness he removed her trousers and used them to tie her hands behind her back. She was extremely distressed and the accused dressed her again and then went into her rucksack and gave her a bottle of water, fixed the chain on her bike which had come off and kissed her on the side of the face before walking off." The court heard that he stole a mobile phone and an Ipod from the 16-year-old victim and a camera and phone from the 33-year-old woman.