Any flaw can bring unwelcome attention, for those making affected products and those using them.Any flaw may prove useful to compromise other systems on the network.

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The FCC claimed these new services would provide jobs, as well as better service for businesses and individuals.

Sasha Calden faces unique security challenges as the IT Manager in one of Duke University's largest academic departments.

Here she discusses data management, career development, and the challenge of securing legacy devices.

Even though a new study shows that spending on Io T could reach $3 trillion by 2025, security remains a concern.

Businesses use bots to engage with customers, online and via social media, because they're a cost-effective way to respond instantly to simple queries. The objective behind the White House's Federal Source Code policy is to ensure all agencies make custom-developed source code available for re-use across government.

As the technology improves, bots are finding their way into more use-cases where human judgment and effort were traditionally required. The aim is to make the government work more like developers in the private sector and to encourage sharing and collaboration.

IT professionals have to treat internet of things (Io T) vulnerabilities as they would vulnerabilities in databases or web applications.

James Bowling, a principal consultant with Data Center Transformation, talks with Senior Editor Sara Peters about this new type of engineer, and why failing fast is still the best way to make a better product.

The rise of cloud computing has been a game-changer for not only businesses, but also IT pros looking to stay relevant.