It is very important to keep these records for use when the Scout fills out his Eagle rank application!Blue cards can be purchased very inexpensively from the Scout store--or ask the Scoutmaster or Advancement Coordinator for one!There are more than 100 Merit Badges, and each of them have their own requirements.

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It also gets them talking and interacting with adults other than their parents or Scoutmaster/adult leaders.

These Merit Badges can be earned at any time, and Scouts typically start earning them very soon after they become Scouts.

Summer Camp is one of the best ways to earn Merit Badges, though there are many other opportunities--the Troop works on them together, there are Merit Badge classes and events all the time (Winter Camp, Spring Break Camp, the Hampden-Sydney Merit Badge weekend, special weekends and other days set up by the District or Council). available from the HOVA Council or the Scoutmaster or Advancement Coordinator and set up a meeting/discuss beginning to work on the badge.

This Blue Card is signed by the Counselor once the badge is completed, and it becomes the Troop, Scout, and Council record of the Scout having completed the badge.

Scouts do not necessarily need to buy the Merit Badge Booklet - it depends on the merit badge counselor.

The Troop also maintains a small library of Merit Badge Booklets.

Some of these may be out of date but are still useful.

Earning Merit Badges is one of the ways that Scouts achieve advancement after the Rank of First Class.

For Star Rank, a Scout must have earned 6 merit badges, 4 of which must be on the "Eagle Required" list (13 of the 21 merit badges required for Eagle must be from that list).