Over the recent years romance scams have got more prevalent on the internet.The scam differs from the 419 Nigerian Scams that are known in society as the “get rich scam”.

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The romance scammers originate from Nigeria are a well organized group of males reading from successful tested scripts who work in cafes or warehouses.

Anna Alden- Tirrill confirms the romance scam organization is running a 20 billion a year business and also they have been associated with terrorist cells.

Dating sites is offering a service to individuals where they can be matched with others around the world or locally.

Most dating sites claim they have complete annuity in regards to offering profile options as not in disclosing your real name, email address, your location, also by offering a delete/ignore button.

Scammer profiles can be difficult to spot unless you know what red flags to look for.

Users have an ideal person they are looking for whether it’s an attractive individual, common interest, common geographic location, friends and hobbies.

Scammers can be clever with their words, usually the text of the message is cut and pasted or they can be sloppy in their text as the email below shows.

The sites are inexpensive to participate and they advertise healthy, attractive individual success stories.

A few dating site over the past couple years has added a clause about online scammers and claim no responsibility regarding profiles posted.

Dating sites is disinterested in removing a scammer profile or offering the member assistance when a scam occurs. Unsuspecting individuals who are contacted over the internet through dating sites by these scammers are from all walks of life.

Profiles on dating sites can be attractive, informative, interesting and the biggest misconception individuals have are what you see in the profile are true facts.