On the first day, the researchers offered a choice of six different jams. People tasted the same number of jams, regardless of the number of available samples.Yet their buying choices varied dramatically: Offered six jams, about 30% of samplers ended up purchasing a jar.Faced with 24 choices, though, only 3% bought a jar.

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In the long run, this can lead to decision-making paralysis.

And in a culture that tells us that there is no excuse for falling short of perfection when your options are limitless, too much choice can lead to clinical depression.” The problem could be our quest for perfection.

We all want to believe in "The One" - a person that meets every item on our relationship checklist, who’s our soul mate forever.

If online dating hasn’t led you to your perfect match, perhaps the issue isn’t that you’re too choosy, but rather that there’s too much choice.

There’s no doubt that dating in the 21st century offers a lot of opportunities.

Think about your parents’ generation: They grew up with no Internet, they likely stayed in the same town for most of their lives, and they automatically had more in common with the people in that town as a result.Today, women and men are increasingly marrying someone outside of their religion, their ethnicity and their geographic area.Never in history have we had so many potential partners to choose from - and never have we had so much difficulty choosing.In fact, several recent studies suggest that this explosion of options has made men and women feel more confused and uncertain about finding a partner than ever before.The challenges of choice was well illustrated in a study in 2000 that looked at people’s buying habits.Researchers asked customers to participate in a tasting of different types of jam; those who sampled the product were given a -off coupon.