Hence rpm.will remain running to ship just that package.rpm.is fully compatible with RPM Fusion and all other Fedora add-on repos that don't ship the package that rpm.ships.

While Livna has been mostly deprecated in favour of RPM Fusion, libdvdcss remains in the Livna repository due to copyright concerns.

Dribble contains software not found in Fedora or Livna because they do not meet their stricter requirements.

Dribble concentrates on multimedia, games and emulators yet is not limited to these genres.

Welcome to rpm.livna.org, a repository of add-on RPM packages for Fedora as well as RHEL (version 5 and later) and its compatible derivates like Cent OS.

rpm.in the past provided many useful packages that those distributions rpm.supports did not want to ship for one reason or another.

In 2008 rpm.merged with two other package repositories into RPM Fusion.

All packages have been moved there except one that RPM Fusion for various reasons didn't want to take.

It was born as a merge of the older repositories Livna, Dribble and Freshrpms.

They distributed software that Fedora will not, either because it does not meet Fedora's definition of free software, or because distribution of that software may violate US law.