AMC star talks about being booted from flight: All My Children's Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) tells her side of the incident that got her kicked off a Delta flight last week. (paternal half-brother) Henry Martin (grandfather; deceased) Kate Martin (grandmother; deceased) Paul Martin (uncle) Elizabeth Martin (cousin; deceased) Joshua Madden (nephew; deceased) Jamie Martin (maternal half-nephew; via adoption) Kathy Mershon (maternal half-niece; via adoption; given up for adoption) Jenny Carey (maternal half-niece; via adoption) Tara Martin was a core member of the original Pine Valley teen set.

His adoptive father was killed in a car crash as a result of the fallout of this lie, and Phil was guilt-ridden.

Believing he would hurt anyone he came in contact with, Phil dumped Tara and moved to New York City.

He contracted amnesia after an accident and by the time he got back to town, Tara was dating Chuck, who had also fallen in love with her.

Phil regained his memory but didn't want to ruin his best friend Chuck's happiness.

Glee turned to sorrow when Phil's mother broke horrible news -- Phil was missing in action!

Tara broke the news of her night with Phil to Chuck. While Phillip was still a baby, Phil was miraculously found alive in Vietnam.Chuck pledged to go on with their relationship and tell everyone that they had been secretly married two weeks earlier, which would legitimize her unborn child. He returned home, blindsided that his soul mate had married another man and was raising his son.On the day of the wedding Chuck collapsed from kidney failure.As Chuck slowly regained his strength due to his love for Tara, she and Phil kept vigil over his bedside while their own love re-blossomed.They swore they'd tell Chuck the truth as soon as he was well. The night before Phil was to be shipped off to Vietnam, a snowstorm hit and he and Tara were trapped in a deserted church.They performed their own private ceremony, then made love in a nearby residence. In spite of her guilty conscience, she was overjoyed when she discovered she was pregnant.