Keke Palmer’s starsign is Virgo and she is now 22 years of age.It looks like Keke Palmer has dusted the remnants of her last relationship off and has moved on to another young man.From the looks of things, the new guy could be Diddy’s son (and Al B Sure! I know, who would ever think of them being together? Back in April, they played a “trick” on their fans by posing as a couple on social media for April Fools’ Day when they were still “just” friends (and could still be but pictures , a new film set to be released next year, a few months ago.

"Michael Ealy is my celebrity crush," gushed Palmer.

"There are some others but I wouldn’t say them because they’ll be like 'Oh my gosh' so I’ll just keep it with Michael Ealy for now. At 21, my philosophy on life is that love is everything and all you need is love. I try to be positive in everything that I do and I try to be loving to others and I truly believe that the energy you put out there is what you manifest around you." Speaking of philosophy, Palmer says her "addiction" to tattoos began with a quote from another ancient philosopher, Aristotle.

"When I was younger, I would always go to this website called whenever I was feeling stressed or happy or felt like expressing myself.

Keke Palmer believes "all you need is love." Those words sound strangely familiar, but apparently, The Beatles aren't the only ones who think that love truly is the only reason for living. The former Rodney King girlfriend says that she has wisened up a bit when it comes to the pros and cons of dating other celebrities.

"The biggest con about dating a celebrity is that everybody wants to be in our business.

Everybody would be trying to figure everything out," said the star. The pros are that I have somebody that is interested in the same things that I’m interested in, I have somebody that knows what I go through.

I have somebody that can help think of ideas that can help inspire me.

I would go get a quote that was surrounded by those specific ideas or subjects," she recalled.

"So one day I put in something like 'strength' and I came across the quote 'We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.' And I loved it so much that I ended up getting it tattooed.