100 Documents On The Origin Of The War Selected From Official German White Book The first of a series on the Communist conspiracy and its influence in this country as a whole, on religion, on education, on labor and on our government.100 Things You Should Know About Communism 1949 Article entitled "21st Century Schools Will Offer Learning for All Citizens" covering important speech in the mid nineties by William Lepley, State Supt. Lepley, a major change agent, said "schools will be hub of community centers for family and social services open year round lifelong.In the ideal community the superintendent coordinates children and family services, in addition to education."21st Century Schools Kent Tempus Why was Hitler able to obtain and hold the dictatorship in Germany?What are the real thoughts of this German people which has puzzled the world so frequently?

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But as the history of the world takes the form of life only when we vitalize it in personal documents, memoirs and letters, which are an indispensable supplement of the formal works of the General Staff, there is justification for the narrative of one who has traveled much, who has seen much, and who has pursued his medical labors in all possible situations. Wilhelm His-1933 's system of colleges and universities-the finest in the entire world .

The corporate community can take the lead by creating a voluntary private system of World Class Standards for the workplace .

Employers should set up skill centers where workers can seek advice and learn new skills.

It contains the authentic diary entries of a high-ranking officer of the German Lu f twaffe. The original diary has been condensed and the author's own experiences have been added .

The picture thus obtained shows both the articulate and subconscious sentiments of the typical German of the better class.

Whatever these expressions and thoughts, it is obvious that it is necessary to take these into consideration in evaluating the situation, both presentm and future . A German Ace Tells Why-Leonhard Guenther -1942 Behind the front of arms fought a second line, which did not kill, but preserved, which did not annihilate, but saved-the Medical Front.

All that it achieved, and how it was achieved has been described in detail for the profession.

Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the German people has learnt to look not backward into the past, but forward into the future.

But the war which has been enforced upon us, and which we are waging for the sake of Germany's future weal, renders it absolutely necessary that we should constantly bear in mind what led to the outbreak of the present conflict and wherein lay its ultimate causes.