It may be hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference between a real booty and a man-made booty, so here is rap video girl Angel Lola Luv who is famous for her surgically crafted crapper.

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There are a lot of video vixens that haven’t either but because of Superhead people think other wise.” recently caught up with Steffans to get her response to Luv’s charges.

“I don’t even know who she is, but she knows who I am.

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As the antics escalate, and the dares become more extreme, the girls unravel the truth behind a former student's rumored suicide.“I hold my head up high when I walk because I never had to sleep with anyone to get this far.

So when people claim I slept with this person and that person all I can say is check my record.

We just go back to talking about me because I’m the only famous person in this sentence.

I get my respect in the industry because no one can say they dealt with me beyond a friendship or associate level except one person.

“There are a lot of different reasons why I could never ride with the choices that ‘Superhead” made,” Luv wrote.“I feel as though she played a major part in people really believing that all video vixens are just like her.

There is a difference between a ‘Video Vixen/Model’ and a ‘Video Hoe/Groupie.’ From the way they conduct themselves, their mentality and of course their agenda!

“I never went down the same path Superhead did,” she said.

More and more women are getting implants or injections in their ass to make it bigger.