I don’t know exactly how pastors became applicants who are running to compete in a selection process, but the idea of a four-hour employee application bugs me. It’s for a church to complete when they are competing to get me to come. Or, will you interview a variety of candidates, hearing several before you decide which one to recommend? How would you typify the worship style of your congregation? Over the last five years or so, when people have left your church, what did they say was the reason? By Keith Drury, You are free to transmit, duplicate or distribute this article for non-profit use without permission.I think I’ll insist their board or search committee complete it before I consider sending my resume. What is the total amount of your present indebtedness? (Place an X on the continuum) Formal & orderly ______________________________________________Free and informal. How many people are weekly involved in organized scheduled outreach to the poor or the unchurched? How many converts would you say your church has seen in the last year? How would you typify the way your church treats visitors ? Describe your community in a short paragraph (population, prominent employers, general atmosphere and attitude. The church may do all of the following things, but all of them cannot take priority. What do you believe to be the most pressing need in your community right now? Describe the largest church in your community or surrounding area.

questions to ask a church when candidating-58

Since mentioning this in a prior post, I’ve been emailed several times to forward a copy of those questions to pastor’s in the same situation. What would be the minimum and maximum expectations be of the frequency of the pastor’s preaching? is one Sunday evening off in preaching a month the minimum acceptable; on the other hand, would preaching every service without fail be deemed unhelpful)19.

Here then is a slightly ammended list of the questions I asked. What items in the current services are non-negotiable?

What other items are deemed acceptable and have been featured in the past?

Is the pastor responsible for putting together all orders of service? Who is responsible for the website and library and how easy would it be for the pastor to make a significant input into each of these areas?

Please have your board or search committee complete the following application and you will be given serious consideration in the process of submitting resumes. What event has shaped your church most in the last ten years? How would you estimate the potential for reaching the unchurched there in the future?

Please answer all questions thoroughly and with total frankness.

) ___Time with family ___Visiting ___Counseling ___Prayer ___Preparation for preaching ___Administration ___Denominational/para-church work_ C. Some church boards expect to play an exceptionally strong role in the selection of assistant ministers and other staff. Your current or most recent pastor (name and telephone number) B.

Church Mating Season Keith Drury Spring is mating season for churches. (Place an x on the following continuum.) Strongly opposed ______________________________________________ strongly favor M. What provisions do you make for the pastor’s personal and professional growth? How would you typify the prayer support for your present pastor? What is the pastor’s financial support package and the related matters of pension, health care, life insurance etc? What are the arrangements you make for a parsonage or housing allowance? What is the make-up of your present staff if you have such? Others expect the senior pastor to “hire the staff.” How do you believe staff should be added to the church? Do you make provisions or exceptions to the idea of the pastor’s spouse serving on the paid staff at the church? Over the past fifteen years which pastor’s spouse do you believe has functioned in a most ideal way? Immediately prior pastor (name and telephone number) C. Community person (someone familiar with your church, though not an attender) E.

It’s the time when churches invite prospects to submit resumes to enter the competition for becoming the next pastor of the church-up-a-notch. What is the percentage make-up of your Sunday morning attendance ___Children ___Youth ___Young Adults ___Adults ___Middle-Aged ___Seniors I. What single sentence would you give typifying the ministry of each, and reason for their leaving? What are some touchy issues with the people in your church… Denominational or para-church official who knows your church (name and telephone number) F.