Arriving at her first official engagement since having her son on July 22, Kate looked radiant - without the slightest sign of baby fatigue - in a green tweed hacking jacket, loose geometric-patterned top and a pair of J Brand jeans.

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He was getting quite huge,' said one Will Stewart, park warden at Holyhead Breakwater Country Park where William rang a bell to start the Ring O’Fire Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon, said the Duchess told him she was “genuinely interested” in doing some more walking around the area – “especially after the baby'.

Marian Wyn Jones, the High Sheriff of Gwynedd, said the Duchess told her how fast George was growing.

She couldn’t quite believe how fast he was changing.

The queen of style, Kate always looks effortlessly polished and comfortable, it's no wonder her style is emulated around the world.

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Sarah Barrett, Managing Editor of pregnancy and parenting website Baby Centre UK said: ‘Antenatal yoga is an excellent choice for pregnant women.It’s different from traditional yoga and is a great way to stay in shape both during pregnancy and to help new mums get back into shape after pregnancy.Although Prince William recently revealed that his wife was bearing the brunt of baby George’s night feeds - and that their son was proving to be quite a nocturnal little fellow - the Duchess appeared remarkably bright-eyed as she chatted with well-wishers at the start of a gruelling marathon race her husband had agreed to officially start.The Duchess told some well wishers fans how fast George was growing.'We were talking about the joy she was having from George, and how quickly he was changing.She couldn¿t quite believe how fast he was changing.