As the government unveils its latest Pensions Bill, including plans to increase state pension age in line with rising life expectancy in future years, hundreds of thousands of women, aged between 58 and 60 are completely confused about what is happening to their state pensions.

Confusion as women age 58-60 reach pension age at 62, 63, 64, 65 or 66: Just look at the following tables and you will see some of the problems.

It is not possible to give women a clear message about what is happening to them.

The mechanics of the pension age changes are so unwieldy that whether they tell you their age now, or the year they were born, women now aged 58, 59 or 60 will qualify for their state pension at age 62, 63, 64, 65 or 66 - and their exact date of birth will determine which age relates to each woman.

The coalition agreement did promise that no changes would be made to women's state pension age before 2020.

Indeed, for public sector pensions, the government insisted that it would not be fair to change the pension age for anyone within ten year's of their expected pension date.

However, the coalition has decided that different rules will apply for this particular group of women.

Even those who were aware of the previous changes and planned their finances around their expected pension date, have had the second increase in pension age imposed on them by the coalition and, if they are already retired either due to ill health or to care for others, they face significant financial strain. Of course it is true that the state pension age needs to rise, and it is also true that the state pension needs radical reform, but the manner in which the changes are being carried out seems to have conspired to cause concern and confusion.

This impacts women far more than men, because the state pension rules are changing much more for older women than for men of the same age.

Government fails to understand impact on people's lives: The chancellor indicated yesterday that he was delighted with these changes because they saved so much money.