Years ago we decided that just because we’re “stuck” at home doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our movie dates. Before we had kids, going to the theater was our single favorite pastime during most weekends. We agree it is the one thing we truly miss in our parent lifestyle. The movie is filmed near the Biltmore & Chimney Rock in Asheville. It’s getting harder and harder to justify getting to a movie theater these days. Last of the Mohicans: We just watched this one last week and it was fantastic.

We’re the Millers: This is just lighthearted fun, Tim and I both really enjoyed this fluffy pick.

Bull Durham: Would you believe me if I said I’ve never seen this one?

Your choice includes the classic Dove bar along with their candy flavor options: Snickers, Twix, and our favorite M&Ms.

We invested in a nice big tv, an awesome Apple TV device for instant streaming of Netflix movies or i Tunes rentals, and when we have an “official” movie date I’m serving up the kind of treats that our kids would die from jealousy if they knew we were indulging in them. Mommy & Daddy do eat ice cream without you.” Can’t you just hear them screaming?? ” A glass of white for me, a glass of red for him, and a pair of our newest addiction: these M&M ice cream sandwiches.

I was recently asked to test them out and Tim has labeled them the best ice cream treat ever.

I love that they are a single portion of real ice cream so I’m not scooping up an overflowing bowl of the flavor of the day. Besides, ice cream beats movie candy any day of the week and this treat incorporates both!

I recently stumbled on a list of movies that have been filmed here in Charlotte, NC or in the vicinity. Two of my favorites listed below are even FREE to watch if you have Amazon Prime!

Since we moved here nearly two years ago, it’s been fun seeing peeks of our new hometown on the “big screen.” Though this list is more particular to those interested in this area, I think it makes a great list of date night movies for anyone!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: This one’s for the husbands! Tim was super excited to be able to add this one to the list.