He is doing great and I believe that part of the reason is that there are no female distractions and no "drama".

I think this is fueled more by the parents who want their kids to be "cool." So sad.

Gabriel: Eighteen is a good age as far as I'm concerned.

Seventeen if the "date" is supervised or chaperoned.

I thought this would be a topic of discussion when she is actually a TEEN!

To my surprise, I have talked to other moms of 12 year olds who proudly talk about their sons and daughters new relationships with the opposite sex and how cute it is, and how nice their families are and how they are looking forward to getting to know them, etc. My daughter is in a good place right now with her girlfriends, academics and extra curricular activities and I want it to stay that way.

There is nothing wrong with dating when it is the right time in life, but now is not it.

Boys-girl relationships equal drama and my 12 year old does not need that in her life right now.

When asked, "What do you think is an appropriate age for a child to start dating and why? Here are just a few of them…Jason: Society will laugh as me, but since dating is "an interview for a prospective spouse", I don't see why anyone under 18 would be exclusive.

I would not have a problem with group activities that include mixed genders at about 16, but they would need to be properly supervised.