She spent half of her life in the hospitals under IV drip. At first, she was for a long time tested in Lugansk, Kiev and Moscow, and then treated in Kiev, but there was no effect.Katyusha's treating doctor from Singapore recommended her to start anti-relapse therapy as soon as possible.

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However, neuroblastoma is a very complex cancer type and many children who successfully completed treatment relapse afterwards.

My girl went through a long treatment and she is now in remission!

There Katyusha received treatment that was successful followed by BMT (bone marrow transplantation).

The doctors only looked away We started looking for a hospital that could help Katyusha and found it in Singapore (Mount Elizabeth hospital, Parkway Cancer Center).

We went to Singapore, to Katya's treating doctor, for tests.

He tested Katya quickly and was happy to tell us results.Based on the blood test, it is evident that the bone marrow engrafted.We are continuing to look for other clinics that can offer the same therapy but for lesser amount of money, but we are starting the fundraising now so that we are prepared for the later. Please help us raise the money so that Katyusha can receive it.Despite this complex treatment, Katyusha is a very happy child and a curious girl who wants to learn about everything. Thank you in advance for supporting us in our difficult times.Alina, Katya's mom Home address: 91005 Ukraine, Lugansk Ul. In November Katya underwent the first full examination after the treatment for neuroblastoma and autologous BMT.Osipenko, d.5, kv.23 Contact phones: +38 (064) 249-07-02 (home) +38 (050) 621-12-07 (Alina, Katya's mom) +38 (050) 501-95-66 (Dmitry, Katyas dad) Katya's site Case summary Recommendations Cost estimation . The tests showed that she is in complete remission!