Choose one and customize it, or create one of your own. Like all features, CS cards are fun and totally FREE! It's a great way to get better acquainted with members you've met on CS and a great excuse to travel to a place you may not have had the chance to visit alone. By Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire) Teens know how to wear leggings, but adult women over 40, 50 or 60 have stricter fashion rules than teens do. You will love wearing leggings as pants, as long as you wear them the right way. And, most of us will become apple shapes eventually due to the natural decrease in estrogen... Actually, I have been an apple shape all of my life, so I know quite a bit about wearing leggings without looking absurd or embarrassing... If you are over 40, you will love wearing jeggings instead of jeans.

( As soon as I tell women not to wear something, it seems like it becomes hip with young chicks in London. It's not hip to wear the mom-jean trend if you actually are a mom. If your trench is cute enough, you can wear that same outfit anywhere, from the malls of North America to the streets of Paris.

However, you must wear leggings (or jeggings) that are heavy enough not to be confused with tights.

(Article continues.) Keep reading about how to wear leggings if you're an older woman on page two.

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I was in Paris last summer and I saw women of all ages wearing leggings under miniskirts. And, any apple-shaped woman (of any age) who has had children will find that jeggings are more comfortable than jeans.

And, in the states, where everyone is extremely casual... When you hit 40 or 50, you will notice that most jeans suck...