The first layer is transparent, that's why I used three layers on my nails.The finish is pretty glossy, however you need a topcoat because scratches are very visible. However the top has great staying power and makes my manicure last for a week. It consists of tiny glitters and 6 angled bigger ones.If I apply it on the nails the bigger glitters want to stay in the bottle, so I kind of have to fish it out with the brush.

Xinyi started off with her amazing french tipped nails, so one day at college Jade asked, "How did you do that? We're not professionals since we only do this as part of our leisure.

" So she experimented nail art on her own after that with a bit of Xin Yi's guidance :) Not too long later our love for nail art grew even more and was brought to a whole new level because nearly every fortnight we'll have new designs to look forward to. Truthfully speaking we still have a lot more to learn.

We hope that we can continue to improve further and create even prettier designs! It means a lot to us : D Do feel free to ask anything if you have any questions ASK!

When citing the date on which an Australian specification became OPI, examiners are not required to check the date in the Official Journal.

Instead, the date may be taken from a copy of the printed specification (where available), from the ‘Aust.

OPI’ date on the ECase Summary screen in PAMS or from the ‘Australian OPI Date’ on Aus Pat.

It's the first time that I buy such a bright blue color and I must confess I like it. If you apply thick coats it might bubble so it's important to work with thin layers. To be honest I prefer this blue color without a glittery top.

Please do not repost our photos and crop off our watermarks.

Credit us if you have done any inspired works by us.