Santa Fe is chock full of fabulous dining possibilities.

Don't know how to find the best quality for the price?

Slip into Ortega's and Packards jewelry stores to do some comparison shopping.

Ask to see a couple of pieces and feel the weight, heft and color of the silver.

The itinerary is by no means comprehensive - we could keep you busy for an entire month!

We invite you to peruse these options and then to speak further with your innkeeper to tailor the trip that is perfect for you.

A great source for specific upcoming events is this Santa Fe Calendar.

You may also want to check out the menu book to get more ideas for restaurants.

This week long itinerary (The Beatles' version of "Eight Days a Week" that is) of things to do in Santa Fe and the area was put together by both Carolyn Lee, the owner, and Anna Tenaglia, the innkeeper at Hacienda Nicholas for the past seven years.

Anna's many years of living in the Santa Fe area and her extensive innkeeping experience have been invaluable in putting this information together for you.

Activities include touring Santa Fe museums and galleries, day trips to Taos, visits to ancient Anasazi Indian ruins, as well as pampering and relaxing treatments at our award-winning Absolute Nirvana Spa.

These activities need not be done in any particular order, so feel free to pick and choose to suit your needs and desires.