As new threats emerge, Symantec immediately builds new protection updates and makes them available for download on a subscription basis. Attention: Virus definitions for Norton Anti Virus for Macintosh versions 7-8 will no longer be updated after August 1, 2008.To continue receiving updated virus definitions, please upgrade to a newer version of Norton Anti Virus for Macintosh.The virus definitions installer you should download depends on the type of processor your Mac has (Power PC or Intel), the Mac OS version, and the version of Norton Anti Virus for Macintosh or Symantec Anti Virus for Macintosh you are running.

norton not updating on mac-17

Live Update, Symantec Alerts and Auto-Protect is not working anymore! I tried to reinstall Norton Antivirus but it failed.

It when it does its check it thinks 10.10 is 10.1 ignoring the following 0 of the second 10.

that Norton has discontinued Norton Antivirus for Mac and replaced it by a new multi-platform family... So this way, I download it yesterday and I'm testing it in my i Mac.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best technology available, we are offering the latest version of Norton Internet Security.

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The installer must only be checking one digit in the sub version as 10.10 is obviously greater than 10.4. The latest JRE from Oracle did not help either, found this on the web, installed and all problems went away.

When I try to run this features a message like this is showed: "You need to install Java Runtime Environment to run this Web Content" plus "There was an Error performing this update" Note: My Java is up to Date to the lasted version! The installer is checking for 0S X versions greater than 10.4. Been having the same problem since Yosemite install, in addition, my Live Update stopped working as well.

If you choose to not restart your computer immediately, your computer will not be protected.

To download Norton Internet Security, you will only need your email address and password.

Simply download Norton Internetâ„¢ Security (click on Protection for Mac button) and enter your username (email address) and password when asked.

Suspending one of your usernames will not have an effect on your Norton services; however, deleting a username may result in the device that downloaded the software with the deleted username, to receive a pop-up that indicating that the license has expired within 30 days of the user name being deleted.® is committed to keeping you and your family safe online.