AMServer software offers a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway social media experiences to the broadest possible audience.

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Streaming your videos from an AMServer, the viewer only downloads what they are viewing, the viewer can also 'seek' to any part of the movie he wants.

This helps reduce bandwidth usage and increase viewer satisfaction.

Recorded videos streamed by an AMServer can also be streamed based on the viewers connection speed (it provides the best size format based on the connection of the viewer), and the viewer can be timed for access of the videos.

Some of the Services we offer include but are not limited to ::: Adult website design, site management, webpage creation, site automation, CMS, content management system, custom graphics, logos, animation, flash, stream video, audio, chat.

We provide Live/Recorded Streaming ability using AMS (Adobe Media Server) by Adobe.

Streaming your live event is a great way to increase site potential and raise the profit of your site.

We specialize in streaming live events on the Internet with minimum effort.

Let us work out the technical details and stream your event live on your site at very reasonable rates.

We can also provide on site services for setup of cabling and equipment.